5 Virtual Office Benefits for Your Small Business

Telecommuting is becoming the way of the future. Around 53 percent of people globally work remotely at least half of the week.

Virtual offices and workspaces are benefits to both the employees that want more flexibility and businesses that want more productive workers.

Are you considering a virtual office? Let’s take a look at virtual office benefits to see if it is right for your business.

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1. Flexibility and Freedom

If you rent a traditional office, you need to sign a lease, which may be hard to commit to. You can rent a virtual office monthly or as needed if you need physical meeting space from time to time.

You can also let your employees work in the virtual office when they need to collaborate with other employees.

You can move your office as needed without breaking your lease. Part of growing your business is testing out different locations and markets. Virtual offices help you test out areas if you are considering a long-term physical office in the future.

virtual office benefits

2. Save Money

Having a virtual office can save you a significant amount of money. For example, American Express saves $10-$15 million annually on real estate costs by allowing employees to work from home and other flexible work arrangements.

By coworking or using virtual office spaces, small businesses can grow and not need to worry about increasing their real estate costs.

3. Attract (and Keep) Quality Employees

By using a virtual office, you let your employees have more flexibility to handle their family time. This can also increase productivity. Employees don’t have to worry about the commute.

Giving your employees flexibility can also cut down on vacation days. Employees can manage their work-life balance as needed. This is a great benefit to your employees and can help you attract additional talent with a bigger virtual talent pool.

4. Corporate Address and Contact Info

Virtual offices give you an address for business cards or for a mail-forwarding service. You don’t have to include your home address. Having a high-profile address in a downtown area gives you credibility.

A virtual office lets you get phone calls, mail, and a physical address without renting or purchasing actual office space.

5. Additional Business Support

Virtual offices offer more than a physical building when you need it. You can get additional support with tasks like faxing, scanning, answering phone calls, or assistance arranging meetings. You can customize these services to fit your needs.

You can also schedule meetings in the conference room. Most virtual office spaces also have fully-stocked kitchens. You don’t need to worry about refreshments during the meeting.

Having a professional receptionist answer your phone calls will shed a positive light on your business and it’s validity. You won’t have to worry about a dog barking in the background or another noise on a phone call.

Like These Virtual Office Benefits?

If you have a small business and looking for alternative office space, you should consider a virtual office. You can save money, increase your employees’ productivity, establish a secure address, and get some additional business support.

If these virtual office benefits are appealing to you, we invite you to schedule a tour at our facility today. We offer a convenient location to host your meetings or use our fully furnished offices.